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molasses flow meter (SBL digital target type)

molasses flow meter (SBL digital target type)

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Post Date: Sep. 08,2012
Update Date: Sep. 08,2012

molasses flow meter sbl digital target type, Wholesale molasses flow meter sbl digital target type Product Details

Item specifics

Price: FOB USD 0000~55888 / Set
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets 1 set
Port: xiamen port,China
Packaging Details: 1/set wooden box
Delivery Time: 10 days after purchase order
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 8000 Set/Sets per Year 8000 sets

Feature Products

molasses flow meter (SBL digital target type)

Product Description

flow meter,flowmeter,measuring instrument: s.s.316L
no movable part,0.2%

flowmeter,flow meter,measuring instrument: s.s.316L

SBL digital target flow meter is improved from traditional flow meters and can take place of them, such as turbine, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, mass, volumetric, vane-wheel, by-pass, orifice, differential pressure flow meter. It was widely used in fields of gas, natural gas, petroleum industry, chemical engineering, energy industry, food industry, environmental protection and water conservancy etc. High accuracy, anti-interfere, anti-impurity, anti-acid, corrosion resistant, portability, etc.are its features


  1. Measurement flow of liquid, gas, steam, ropy mediums or ambulatory mediums in low, normal or high temperature condition.
  2. Total quantity measurement accuracy is not less than 0.2%.
  3. High sensitivity, able to measure very low velocity below 0.8m/s.
  4. No movable part, safe and reliable.
  5. Wide measure range, bigger than 1: 30.
  6. Good repeatability, generally 0.10.08% , fast to measure.
  7. Small pressure loss, only about 1/2P of Standard Hole Board.
  8. Able to adopt hang weight method to test the flow meter.
  9. Measurement range can be changed by replacing target according to need.
  10. LCD display.
  11. 4-20mA, 0-10V, impulse, and RS485 outputs.
  12. Easy installation and maintain.

1.target type flow meter won the characteristic of anti-impurity.
eg. other flow meter can not test waste water, impurity fuel, base oil...but, we can
2.target type flow meter can anti-interfere.
eg. even near the pump, the accuracy won't be effected.
3.target type flow meter strongly anti-sticky.
eg. strong sticky fluid like bitumen can be tested
4.target type flow meter have corrosion resistance
5. target type flow meter has no removable.
that means, all functional parts are install in one target flow meter, just install the flow meter by our introduction, everything will be ok.

main technical indices

Measured media

Liquid, gas, steam

Nominal diameter

Pipeline type


Clamped mounting type


Inserted type


Nominal pressure




Media temperature

-20~70 o C (normal temperature type) -196~+700 o C (high/low temperature type)







Range degree

1: 10

1: 15

1: 30

1: 100 (gas)

1: 15(steam)

Compensation type

Temperature compensation; pressure compensation



Power supply

Built-in 3.6V Li batter; external power supply of 24VDC; 220VAC

(only for separate digital tube)

Output forms

Site display reading; 4~20mA (2-wire system); pulse; 0~10V;

RS232/RS485 (optional);HART PROTOCOL


Carbon steel; s.s.304; s.s.316L; also supplied to user requirement

Explosion-proof sign

Intrinsically safe type (ExiallCT4); Explosion isolating type (ExiallBT4)

Protection class

IP65; IP67;IP68

Note: Size of flowmeter flange shall execute GB/T9115.1~9115.4~2000 series standard. For pipeline type, small diameter flowmeter of DN6, DN8, DN10 etc. can be manufactured to user requirements.


a. Connection flange shall execute relevant technical requirements in state standard GB/T9115.1~9115.4-2000.

b. All standard flanges from other countries (Japanese standard, USA standard and German standard etc.) are special order.

c. For high temperature type and temperature/pressure compensation type, in addition to pipeline flange, connection mode can be clamped mounting type, inserted type or threaded structure.

d. Jacket insulation type (heat conducting type) is suitable for applications in which preheating and thermal insulation, or process thermal insulation are required to eliminate media solidifying and crystallization during process flow. This type is normally used for viscous media such as modified asphalt and coal tar etc.

e. When media temperature in high temperature type flowmeter is >200, upside-down horizontal installation must be used for the instrument. For the purpose of design, sufficient installation space shall be considered.

f. In case media flow up-down or down-up, for ordering, please note: right view, left view (showing gauge head)

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