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rebar scanner and concrete scanning machine for detect metal

rebar scanner and concrete scanning machine for detect metal

Category: Electronic & Instrument Enclosures
Keyword: Rebar Locators , Rebar Scanner , Metal Detector , Concrete Scanning Machine , Rebar Detectors
Origin: china
Post Date: Dec. 17,2009
Update Date: Dec. 17,2009

rebar scanner and concrete scanning machine for detect metal, Wholesale rebar scanner and concrete scanning machine for detect metal Product Details

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Supply Ability: unlimited
Minimum Order: 1 unit
Lead Time: 10 days
Packaging: case
Model: 630
Brand Name: null
Origin: china

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high quality, cost-effective

Product Description

Rebar locators,metal detectors,rebar detectors,rebar scanner, The CSM-R630 Concrete Scanning Machine is an portable, quick and easy-to-use instrument for inspecting reinforcing bars in concrete. The Concrete Scanning Machine generates a magnetic field and measures any change induced by presence of the magnetic material. The magnitude of this change is indicated on the instrument meter, which has been calibrated to read directly in diameter and depth of the bar. The use of the instrument is not restricted to inspecting reinforcing bars, but any magnetic material and ferromagnetic objects. Applications Detect the location, depth, diameter and orientation of tendons in prestressed concrete. Measure the concrete cover. Detect location of tendon splices and broken ends, etc. in prestressed concrete. Detect the location of pipes conduit, flues, ducts, and manhole covers and any other ferromagnetic objects. Specifications Uni-Probe with two detect range: the uni-probe has both a small and large detect range. Detect closely located bars: can detect closely situated, parallet bars with 1.5 diameter gap. Unlimited cyberscan(picture 1): can scan object with unlimited size, and display the thickness of cover concrete and bars distributing simultaneously. Actual distributing map of bars(picture 2): can output the actual distributing map of bars after several times scanning. Transverse Section Bars Distributing Map(picture 3): Can output the transverse section map of bars distributing.

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