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Leroy Somer Alternator

Leroy Somer Alternator

Category: Generator & Alternator
Keyword: Alternator , Leroy Somer Alternator , Ac Generator , Bushless Alternator
Origin: China
Post Date: Nov. 18,2008
Update Date: Nov. 18,2008

leroy somer alternator, Wholesale leroy somer alternator Product Details

Item specifics

Brand Name: Topwer
Origin: China

Feature Products

Supply Leroy Somer alternator range from 1KVA to 25000KVA

Product Description

Supply Leroy Somer alternator range from 1KVA to 25000KVA whcih can be driven by: diesel engines, gas engines (turbines), water turbines, and wind power. 470 sales and service outlets testify to LEROY-SOMER`s strong commercial presence in all international markets.


Model Available: LSA 42.2 S4, LSA 42.2 S5, LSA 42.2 M6, LSA 42.2 M7, LSA 42.2 L9, LSA 43.2 S1, LSA 43.2 S15, LSA 43.2 S25, LSA 43.2 S35, LSA 43.2 M45, LSA 43.2 L65, LSA 43.2 L8, LSA 44.2 VS3, LSA 44.2 VS45, LSA 44.2 S7, LSA 44.2 S75, LSA 44.2 M95, LSA 44.2 L12, LSA 46.2 M3, LSA 46.2 M5, LSA 46.2 L6, LSA 46.2 L9, LSA 46.2 VL12, LSA 47.2 VS2, LSA 47.2 S4, LSA 47.2 S5, LSA 47.2 M7, LSA 47.2 M8, LSA 47.2 L9, LSA 49.1 S4A, LSA 49.1 S4, LSA 49.1 M6, LSA 49.1 M65, LSA 49.1 M75, LSA 49.1 L9, LSA 49.1 L10, LSA50.2 S4, LSA50.2 M6, LSA50.2 L7, LSA50.2 L8, LSA50.2VL10 1312, LSA51.2 S55, LSA51.2 M60, LSA51.2 VL70, LSA51.2 VL85


Leroy Somer alternator have been widely used in civil skyscrapers, railway, marine, telecom, military, oil rig and refer containers applications, which can be coupled to any diesel engines from worldwide. Standard product ranges include: LSA42.2/43.2/44.2/46.2/47.2/49.1/50.1/51.2, covering from 10KW till 1800KW. Besides, Leroy Somer produces industrial frequency (50&60 HZ) and medium frequency (40HZ) alternators based on OEM basis.


You can have LEROY-SOMER worldwide components support and service, by choosing LEROY-SOMER.


PLS feel free to contact me if you need Specification and other information of the alternator.

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