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Chassis Lounge recliner mechanism

Chassis Lounge recliner mechanism

Category: Furniture Parts & Accessories
Keyword: Chaise Lounge Mechanism , Recliner Mechanism , Zero Wall Recliner Mechanism
Origin: Jiaxing, China
Post Date: Dec. 26,2012
Update Date: Dec. 26,2012

chassis lounge recliner mechanism, Wholesale chassis lounge recliner mechanism Product Details

Item specifics

Packaging: pallet
Brand Name: Linkrest
Origin: Jiaxing, China

Feature Products

Zero wall function

Product Description

Well matched with zero wall recliner mechanism with standard zero wall motor.
SFL700 is for sectional lounge or chassis lounge.120KG under 25000 cycles stress test.
Zero wall function and seat extended function (30cm).SFL700B is good for home theater and public theater designing.
Seat extended function is better than footrest extended,because of contempoary and modern image of furniture.

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