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Camel comforter/camel hair quilt/camel quilt/camel hair comforter

Camel comforter/camel hair quilt/camel quilt/camel hair comforter

Category: Quilt
Keyword: Camel Down Quilt , Camel Quilt , Down Quilt
Origin: Xinjiang
Post Date: Jan. 08,2010
Update Date: Jan. 08,2010

camel comforter camel hair quilt camel quilt camel hair comforter, Wholesale camel comforter camel hair quilt camel quilt camel hair comforter Product Details

Item specifics

Brand Name: Tenglun
Origin: Xinjiang

Feature Products

Camel Hair/down Quilt with 100% cotton shell and 100% camel down Inside,with different specification

Product Description

Name:Camel comforter/camel hair quilt/camel quilt/camel hair comforter
Filling:camel hair
Color: camel
Camels hair technical standard: above 4.2cm;
fineness: under 18mm;
Impurity rate :0.2%;
shag: 0.005g/100g;
Other specification: the size of comforter and the filling weight of per square meter will accord to customers requirements, the technical standard of camels hair will not change.
Shell material:100%cotton, high grade,high density
Product specification:
TengLun camels hair comforter is adopted the Southern Xinjiang camel's belly fine hair, these camels living in the mountains, valleys, basins, plains, desert, Gobi, glaciers, where has sufficient light and drought, the winter is extremely cold,and sunmer is extremely hot, short spring and autumn, the temperature varied, climate is very different. There have year-round permafrost alpine zone, the torrid summer plain areas, year-round snow and ice precipitation belt, and long time drought arid areas. The relative difference in temperature reached 16.6 degrees Celsius.
Nomadic herdsman take there camels walked though thousands of miles, they have experienced
drought, frost, wind, snow, floods, hail, dry-hot wind, dust and other inclement weather, these disasters test the camels natural conditions, and also enhance their attack resisting.
The camels hair comforter, produced from these camels, and with its excellent performance, I believe you will never forget onece by contact. Take a handful of camels hair and other velvet turns on the ear, you will deeply feel that the camels hair will give you an unusual temperature experience.We have established a file for every household camel herders, to understand the living conditions of each camels. our collectors who like the camel walk in the ravines and desert with complex terrain and vagaries weather. They even can call each camels nickname, and waching the camel's getting older or grow up.
The camels hair is worth to call soft gold. Integrated by more than 20 kinds of flowers and fragrance, after hundred times of high density combing, the process of Tenglun comforter have been developed. we maintain traditional arts and crafts production and ancient recipe in the development process, so as to make the camel comforter followed the natural laws and to obtain the strength of nature.From breeding to camelhair collection, product research and development production, we have maintained the tradition and science, green and environmental protection, combination of natural and acquired characteristics. Tenglun camle comforter has unparalleled warmth, comfort, air permeability, lightweight nature, moisture resistance, stability , which will bring you a different sleep.
Product Performance:
camel fiber with hollow bamboo-like structure, it is highly beneficial to the air storage, and can reduce the thermal conductivity in cold weather , heat retention is better than leather, cotton, can discharge excess heat in cold weather. There is a material named "pro-power side-chain amino acids," in the hair external. the material can absorb moisture in the air, and ruled out the moisture ,to keep the inside velvet dry and comfortable .
Camels hair is the best one in warm keeping, and the most desirable natural health products to keep out the cold. It has soft texture, good air permeability, the cold performance is similar to the infrared. Coupled with the length of velvet is better than cashmere, camel hair makes a more solid overall, which is more durable, you can recover the elastic constant after basking , long-term use has effects on rheumatoid arthritis.

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