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8 way car stereo wiring harness crimping terminal connector

8 way car stereo wiring  harness crimping terminal connector

Category: Connectors and Terminals
Keyword: Stereo Wiring Harness , Car Connector , Crimping Terminal , 8 Way Connector , Terminal Connector
Origin: CN
Post Date: Aug. 12,2012
Update Date: Jun. 03,2015

8 way car stereo wiring harness crimping terminal connector, Wholesale 8 way car stereo wiring harness crimping terminal connector Product Details

Item specifics

Supply Ability: 100000 pcs/day
Minimum Order: 1000pcs
Lead Time: within 7days after payment
Packaging: by bag
Model: DJ7082A-3.5-21
Brand Name: MCT
Origin: CN

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8 way car stereo wiring harness crimping terminal connector

Product Description

8 way car stereo wiring  harness crimping terminal connector

MCT Part no :DJ7082A-3.5-21

Size :H:11.1 W:25.3 L:23.0

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