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PEL HDPE & LDPE PIPE, Inquire about -
  • PEL HDPE & LDPE PIPE, Inquiry about
Created Date 2010-01-07 07:11:15 New !!
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Name ******
Country/Area Israel
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IP Address 79.182.*.*
IP Address Location Israel


3 D Sheshet Hayamim St.
Binyamina, 30500
Phone: +972 4 628 9992
Fax: +972 4 618 0989
E-Mail : ******

Request for quotation 151001

To: Sales Manager
Date: 04.JAN.2010
Qualified Vendor
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Dear Sir,

See below a request for quotation to this mail..
Please make your absolutely best, most competitive offer.

Please send your quotation AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

Please do not forget to write the Total value of your quotations and the delivery time.

Quotations will be accepted by E-MAIL: ****** Or by
Fax: 972 4 6180989

Sincerely yours, and awaiting your quotation,
Kwiatkovsky Or

HDPE Pipes

A. Scope of Work:
Water treatment plant

B. Quotation Closure Date:
Receipt of your quotation together with supporting documentation is required NLT Jan. 7, 2010.

C. Pricing:
Your price is to be separated into the following areas:
1. Supply of goods and accessories DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) to Turkey
2. EXW price
3. Spare parts for two years of operation
4. Optional cost to provide factory tests
5. Optional cost to provide start-up & commissioning assistance

D. Timing of the Project:
The purchase orders for the equipment would be placed until mid 2010 with the commissioning of the plant

E. Validity of Quotation:
Your Quotation is to be valid for 3 months.

F. Documents Required With Quote:
As a minimum we require the design technical sheets from suppliers, Arrangement Drawings with dimensions & weights, curves (if any) and documentations.

G. Confidentiality:
All documents and data remain the property Consulting Engineers, and shall not be disclosed to a third party or used by the Company for other purpose than preparation of this Project.

Type Diammeter (mm) PN Unit Quantity Unit Price Total Cost
HDPE 350 8 m 80
HDPE 400 8 m 80
HDPE 250 10 m 2800
HDPE 300 8 m 400

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