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server104:33067 Diamorphine For Sale  Cameroonchemical(at)yahoo(dot)com, Inquire about Diamorphine for sale cameroonchemical(at)yahoo(dot)com -
  • Diamorphine for sale cameroonchemical(at)yahoo(dot)com, Inquiry about Diamorphine for sale cameroonchemical(at)yahoo(dot)com
Created Date 2012-03-08 14:16:30 New !!
Name ******
Category Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Country/Area United States
Buyer Email Please click the button below to pay for buyer’s info!
IP Address 92.156.*.*
IP Address Location United States


hello I will be interrersser by occurs, I must change supplier because that d\' current by in retirement. j\' buy 50g by me has peus close I will be charmed to find a as good supplier as l\' old, I ask to you whether you can m\' to send a echantillont like writing on the site pouur to see the pureter your product and thus to start our transaction, j\' atend quickly of your news to know how to proceed. cordially
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