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Soy Collagen

Soy Collagen

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Place of Origin: Malaysia
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Packing: 20 sachets/box,100 boxes/carton

What is collagen?
Collagen is a type of macromolecular protein. Collagen fibre is vital to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. Collagen exists in skin, bones, teeth and tendons. Its main physiological function is to bind connective tissues together. In addition, collagen works synergistically with elastin to form a strong network to support the corium layer.

Isoflavone is the main ingredient in soy protein extract. Its molecular structure is very similar to estradiol, an estrogen produced by the human body. Isoflavone is a type of natural phytoestrogen (plant estrogen), which is safe and effective, and plays a vital role in maintaining female health. Its main functions are as listed:

1. Repairs damaged skin

2. Anti ageing

3. Alleviates menstruation problems

4. Reduces menopausal syndromes

5. Prevents osteoporosis

6. Prevents cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases

7. Prevents breast cancer

8. Prevents postnatal depression

9. Improves libido

The functions of collagen:

Retains moisture and prevents wrinkles
Collagen is the main component of skin. More than 71% protein content in skin cells consist of collagen. It relates closely to skin growth, repair and nutrition. In addition, collagen enhances cellular regeneration and assists in maintaining skin elasticity, suppleness and luminosity. It is also effective to erase wrinkles and delay the ageing process. Wrinkle prevention and moisture retaining are two main functions of collagen in maintaining skin health.

Repairs skin problems
When medical grade collagen is injected into an injured skin, it will stimulate the growth of new skin cells and provide support to the skin. New tissues will later adapt themselves to the surrounding normal skin in order to restore normal external appearance, which in turn is beneficial to reduce patient's physiological suffering. It is very effective in healing skin problems such as scars, subcutaneous tissue damage, epithelial atrophy, lesions and other soft tissue injuries.

Beautify and nourishes hair
Nutrients in subcutaneous tissue of the scalp are vital to maintain hair health. The collagen content in the corium layer is the source of nutrient to the epidermis and other parts such as the hair and nails. Lack of collagen will result in dry and split-ended hair, as well as dull and brittle nails.

Firms the breast
The effect of collagen in firming the breast is already widely known. The breast is actually composed of connective and fatty tissues, and these connective tissues play a vital role in providing support to maintain breast firmness. Collagen is the main component of connective tissues and reacts with polysaccharide protein to form a strong network to support and firms beautiful and luscious breasts.

Slims the body during sleep
Fat burning (retrogression) process is vital to reduce body weight. Collagen hydrolysis is effective to enhance fat breakdown and burning, but it must take place during sleep. By utilizing collagen hydrolysis, you can slim the body easily and effectively while sleeping.

Strengthens the bones
70-80% of bones consist of collagen. The assembly of sufficient collagen fibre is crucial to form a strong bone matrix. Osteoporosis and leg cramps are caused by the loss of collagen which constitutes 80% of the total bone mass, while calcium, magnesium and phosphorus constitute only 20%. The intake of extra calcium does not actually settle the problems. Only sufficient collagen intake can restore normal bone mass and also delay the onset of osteoporosis for the next 10 years.

Lightens skin and pigmentation
Collagen assists in cellular regeneration and is also involved in accelerating new cell growth. These functions, together with its effectiveness in preventing pigment and toxin accumulation, helps to lighten skin colour and reduce pigmentation.

Delays skin ageing process
Collagen is crucial to maintain skin beauty and luminosity. Ageing signs on the face becomes more significant with advanced age due to the loss of collagen in skin, and skin which now tends to lose water will result in drier and harder collagen fibre.

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