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Prostate Instrument

Prostate Instrument

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What is the URO-DR?
Somang medical introduced the upgraded "j2v"
State-of-the-art technology URO-DR=Low level laser + low frequency function + oscillation
Personal combined simulatorManufacture license of the Korea Food & Drug Administration No. 378Manufacture license of the Korea Food & Drug Administration No. 03-844FDA Registration No.2087101Acquire the certificate of CE 0123. Prostate and hemorrhoid Acquire the TUV, German safety standardAcquire ISO 9002 international quality system certificateAcquire EN46002 international medical instrument quality certificateSelected as the top 100 Best Patent Product in 2003 by the Korea Industrial Property OfficeSelected as 2003 new knowledge and new technology company by Hankook EconomyTrademark registration no. 386320 of the Korea Industrial Property OfficeThree (3) cases of the utility model registration of the Korea Industrial Property OfficeTwo (2) cases of the registration of design of the Korea Industrial Property Office
The prostate diseases are increasing due to wrong drinking habit and immunity function decline caused by inevitable stress and overwork. In Korea, the patients of the prostate diseases are also increased due to aging of population and western style dietary habit.
The prostate diseases are becoming one of the common diseases for the men living in contemporary world. The prostatitis is commonly occurred in the youth and middle-aged men and prostate
hyperplasia is commonly occurred in the men who are older than 50 years old. So far, the prostate diseases treatment instruments have been imported at high price from U.S.A or Europe and most of them have been used by hospitals. The patients need to visit the hospital everyday or 2~3 times a day in order to receive treatment using the instrument. However, the out company has been put every ounce of energy to develop the Uro-Dr adding the low frequency and oscillation to the thermal instrument (J2V- Item license no. 245) that was developed in 1999.
Uro-Dr which has better than the expensive imported prostate instrument in terms of price and efficacy has an effect of substituting the imported products and will help to improve the national health. The prostate is a compound exocrine gland of the male which is located below the bladder and it is about 15g. Within the prostate, the urethra coming from the bladder is called the prostatic urethra and merges with the two ejaculatory ducts.
Therefore, if the prostate is hypertrophic, it naturally causes problems for the urination. It also causes the sexual dysfunction indirectly. There are three kinds of prostate diseases; ¢Ù Prostate hyperplasia, ¢Ú Prostatitis, and ¢Û Prostate cancer. The prostate treatment instrument, URO-DR is an instrument magnifying the treatment effect by applying the "thermal" principle that has the effect of destroying the abnormal tissue of the prostate with 42.5¡ãC of thermal heat, "raiser" that has the effect of improving the immunity function, preventing infection, promoting the growth of cells and eliminating the inflammation, "low frequency" that has the effect of expanding the blood vessel, relaxing muscles, improving the circulation of the varix and lymph, and "oscillation" that has the effect of massage.
If our product can help your family and friend to live healthy and happy life, it will be out pleasure and happiness.
The license
Manufacture license no.378 and Item license no. 03-844
Low level laser for medical use
Medical Low Level Semi-conductor laser (Photo Therapy)The light generated by the low level laser is called as the 'super lamination light' and also called as the narrow band that was generated long time ago when there is no organism on earth. It was proved that this low level laser therapy is effective through various kinds of systematic research and clinical test. The low level laser therapy regenerate the tissue and alleviate pains of the infected area or injured tissue by accelerating the discharge of the waste matters and the provision of the nourishment and oxygen, which can reduce the recovering period of the patient. The effect of the photo therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy)
The impaired blood vessels are recovered quickly by improving the generation of the blood capillary.
Promote the lymphoid activities.
Promote the production of RNA and DNA.
Inhibiting the stimulation of the nervous system.
Help the healing of the organs by promoting the activities of the fibroblast.
Improve the immunity and prevent infection.
Promote the cell regeneration and heal inflammation.
Promote the emission of the Acetylcholine.
Reference: Chemical therapy using laser beam
Thermal heat treatment
Thermal therapy
The effect of the thermal therapy has been proved by international seminars and clinical examinations as the cancer cells are generally vulnerable to the heat at 42~45¡ãC. The temperature 42.5¡ãC is ideal to prevent bacteria proliferation, kill abnormal cells and activate the normal cells. In Korea, the thermal therapy has been used as the folk remedies (doctors recommend the hot bath for the patients of the prostate diseases) for a long time. It is a therapy to prevent diseases by exposing the body to the hot materials for a certain hours. The normal cells of the body are always function by maintaining the potential difference of 70~90MV in the cell membranes. However, if the waste is accumulated inside the cells due to metabolism dysfunction or the cells are injured, the potential difference is broken, which causes disease. The URO-DR heals diseases by normalizing the function of the cells, promoting blood circulation, eliminating waste matters and removing the inflammation and pains as it donates the "energy" the prostate directly
The effect of the thermal therapy
- Promote the blood circulation
- Normalize the functions of the cells
- Remove the inflammation and pains
Low frequency treatment
Low Frequency (LFC) Therapy
All the cells of human body is moving by the chemical signal of the hormones and electrical signal. The chemical signal such as the hormones is generated by each part of the organ and the electricity is generated by the regular sinus rhythm of the sinoatrial node of the heart. This occurs in a uniform way 60 to 80 times a minute and produces electricity. The heart muscle contracts (systole contraction phase) and relaxes (diastole relaxation phase) in a repetitive rhythm, which is the pulse. All the cells metabolize by the electricity and all the organs of our body such as the nervous system, blood circulatory system, and muscular system are moving by this electrical power. Therefore, the electricity of the human body has a close relationship with the health and if the electricity is applied to the body, the nervous system diseases, blood circulatory system disease, and muscular system diseases can be improved. As the most optimal frequency was found by the help of developed modern medical technology and finding of electricity, the electricity stimulation therapy concept is well used in medical sector.
The effect of the low frequency therapy
Dilate the blood vessels and improve the activities of the cells
Promote the exercise of relaxing the muscles
Promote the circulation of the varix and lymph (alleviating the edema)
Increase the tension of the tissues and blood cells (Promoting the healing p

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