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Modbo 750 For V3-V16(V1.82)

Modbo 750 for V3-V16(V1.82)

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Product Description

Product DescriptionFully compatible with p2 v3-v16 PAL/USA/Jap.
upgrade from modbo3.0, comes with the original 100% v1.82 firmware, but it isn't upgradeable.
Comes with a mini size board,and the wiring point order is good for installation.
DVD Region Free Incorporated !!
Software selectable "P2 Quick Load" option. (To skip P2 logo and Quick boot p2 Games!!)
Sw selectable "PX Quick Load" option. (To skip P1 logo and Quick boot PX Games!!)
Easy to Install. (only 18 wires for V1-V8 and 20 wires for V9, V10, V11, V12, V13)
CPLD Chip (3.3V power supply) based IC for enhanced stability
AUTOMATIC "GREEN FIX" (No more need to change the cable to see your DVD movies on the P2!!)
Import Games Fix (All PSX import games are played at FULL SCREEN and FULL COLOR !!)
STEALTH-Mode (The Modchip can be switched off and becomes invisible to Online Gaming)
Sleep-Mode (The Modchip will switch off itself after boot)
Supports DVD-9 games!!
PLAYS ALL THE CDS and DVDS Games (both, Import or Backups)
SUPPORTS ANTI-MOD PS1 GAMES !! (Only for V9 - V16 P2)
Very Reliable (All the Modchips are 100% tested before delivery)
Very Stable (Thanks to the sleep mode the IC will never Overheat)
CD Lens Safe (Avoid CD lens damage by sending un-necessary signal to the Drive Controller)
Support dev1 and dev2 for memorycard booting! ----------------------------------------------
---------------------------------------------- Press TRIANGLE + CIRCLE to enter the configuration menu.
P2 SCREEN FIX : OFF : Disables P2 video fix.
COLOR : Games will be output on their original video mode (PAL/NTSC)
with color correction applied to match your P2 region.
PAL : Force video mode to PAL
NTSC : Force video mode to NTSC
PAL60 : Force all games to NTSC with color correction.
Games will run faster but screen might need adjusting.
Y SCREEN FIX : OFF : Y screen position fix is disabled.
AUTO : Y position fix enabled with default settings.
Should be fine for most television sets.
+/- N : Fine tune Y position.
Positive values move the screen down, Negative values move it up.
PX SCREEN FIX : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable PX screen fix
PX MULTI DISK : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable PX multi disk support
MC16 PATCH : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable D4TEL memory card support
ATAD AUTO PATCH : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable ATAD auto patch
MACROVISION FIX : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable Macrovision patch
GREEN FIX : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable green correction on DVD movies
DVD VIDEO REGION : 1..8 : Selects the DVD player region.
Use it to match the corresponding region on RCE protected discs.
DVD9 DL SUPPORT : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable Double Layer patch
BOOT MODE : AUTO : Normal behaviour. All discs wil autoboot.
FAST : FastBoot.
Same as pressing SELECT on boot.
INFMAN : Execute Infinity Manager on mc0: Same as Pressing TRIANGLE on boot.
DEV1 : Execute BOOT.ELF on mc0: Same as Pressing R1 on boot.
DEV2 : Execute BOOT.ELF on HDD
Same as Pressing L1 on boot.
DVDV : Force DVD video mode.
Same as Pressing CIRCLE on boot. PAD DETECT TIME : 2..10 : Select time to wait for connected pad on boot.
Only useful if pad is left unconnected.
BOOT LOGO : ON/OFF : Enable/Disable Matrix boot logo.
DEFAULT LANGUAGE : LANG : Default language to use for FastBoot/InfMan/Dev1 mode. ------------------------------------
STANDARD OPERATION FOR THE modbo 750: ------------------------------------ BOOT OF PS2 / PS1 / DVD MOVIES: -------------------------------
- Insert the disc inside the P2.
- The infinity will recognize the kind of disc you inserted and select
the appropriate boot system.
TURNING OFF THE INFINITY: -------------------------
- Press START on joypad 1 until the writing "DISABLED" will appear on screen.
- Press reset once.
- The Infinity is now disabled until P2 is turned off to Standby Position.
FAST BOOT OF P2 GAMES: -----------------------
- Press SELECT on joypad 1.
- P2 Logo will be skipped and game will boot directly.
FORCING PS1/DVD MODE: --------------------- - Press CIRCLE on joypad 1.
(This option is only needed just in case someone needs to force the P2
to boot in P1/DVD mode).
FORCING AUTO MODE: ---------------------
- Press CROSS on joypad 1.
Useful to temporarily skip the default boot mode when set to something
other than AUTO.
LAUNCHING MEMORY CARD APPLICATIONS: ----------------------------------- - Press TRIANGLE on joypad 1.
- If installed, the Infinity Manager will appear and show a list of
installed applications. -or- - Press R1 on joypad 1.
- If installed, the default boot application (mc0:BOOT/BOOT.ELF) will
be launched. LAUNCHING HDD APPLICATION (DEV2 MODE): -------------------------------------- - Press L1 on joypad 1.
- If correctly installed, the default application will be executed from the HDD.

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