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CBB60 Motor Run Capacitor

CBB60 Motor run capacitor

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Product Description

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CBB60 motor capacitors,CBB60 motor running capacitorRated Voltage:
250Vac, 300Vac, 370Vac,380Vac, 400Vac, 440Vac, 450Vac,500Vac
250V, 300V, 370V,380V, 400V, 440V, 450V,500V
250Vca, 300Vca, 370Vca,380Vca, 400Vca, 440Vca, 450Vca,500Vca
250Volt, 300Volt, 370Volt,380Volt, 400Volt, 440Volt, 450Volt,500Volt
Rated Capacitance
25mkf,30mkf,33mkf,35mkf,40mkf,45mkf,50mkf,55mkf,60mkf,65mkf,70mkf,75mkf,80mkf,90mkf,100mkf,120mkfmotor run capacitor Specification:
Capacitance Range  1MFD-100MFD
Capacitance Tolerance  +5%,+10%
Rated Alternate Voltage  250Vac, 300Vac, 370Vac, 400Vac, 440Vac, 500Vac
Rated Frequency  50/60 Hz
Dissipation Factors  0.35% Max
Operating Temp.  40/85/21
Case Material  PBT, PP, Aluminium, Flammability Class - UL 94 V -2, 750C (RTI)
Dielectric  Polypropylene with self healing SH
Termination  Tin plated copper or copper alloy, 0.02in (0.51mm) thick minimum Insulated wire (AVL V2) AWM, No.18 or larger, rated 900 C Minimum, rated 600V for plastic case only.
Encapsulation  Two component, self-extinguishing epoxy with resin and Harder, plastic, rated minimum UL 94 V-0, 900C minimum (RTI)
TT (Terminal to Terminal)  2 X Rated Voltage
TC (Terminal to Case)  Minimum 2000 V AC for 1 Min.
Ref. Standard  IEC - 252-1993
Quality System  ISO-9002-1994
Approvals  UL,TUV,CE,SGS
Application  Electrical motor, pump, washing machine, air compressor, cleaner motor run capacitor Alternate design include the followings:
1>Flat bottom or fixing stud M8¡Á12
2>Fasten terminals 0.8¡Á6.35 simple or double
3>Standard distance p=13.2mm¡À0.5
4>Solid cable or Flexibile cable
5>plastic can,ABS,PC.

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