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pt. wmk bandung, west java, indonesia, asia.
+62-022-70521721, mobile phone : +6281328854445major markets and aplication includes :
"agro chemicals, ink, paints, textile formulator, leather auxiliaries, paper, adhesive, chemical industrial, cleaning, rubber and plastic additives, food chemical, solvent, speciality chem, drugs and pharmacy chemicals, cosmetic, cutting oil, rust preventive, grease oil, polymer-elastomers and fiberglass"we are chemical speciality for industrial metal, grinding, mould, ferro, alloy, plastic, rubber, leather, tanning, pickling, textile formulator and other. our speciality in rust preventive (anti karat) and biocool from croda, england (cutting fluid) application in machine cnc and much more. we have 3 type for cutting fluid : semi-syntetic biostatic cutting fluid, general purpose biostatic soluble oil and extreme pressure biostatic soluble oil-heavy duty. for rust preventive we have 3 type long term application: hitreat rp-aa for 9 month, hitreat rp-ab for 2 yeras and hitreat rp-ac for 5 years.price list cutting oil:
1. biocool gpc semy-syntetic : 3,65 us $
2. crodacool mp-hw : 3,75 us $
3. crodacool ep-hw : 3,45 us $rust preventive (anti karat):
1. rp-aa 9 month : 2,85 us $
2. rp-ab 2 year : 3 us $
3. rp-ac 5 year : 3,45 us $new product list :1. aluminium stearate
2. lithium stearate
3. sodium stearate
4. additive bensin and solar, oil additive.
5. gelatine 350 bloom
6. dyes, plasco 20, klugersol
7. sodium benzoat and hdk n-20
8. zyncostrat (anti static agent)
9. flame retardant (anti nyala) for plasticfor polymer and plastic industries, we suupplay for pp, pe, pet, abs, ps, pc, hd, hdpe, ldpe, pvc, nylon, tpr, and other.for rubber : additive for rubber compund, nbr, sbr, titan. etc.our costumer :
- pt. sumber plastik, owner andy hermanto
- pt. matta maxima utama, owner wilson
- pt. santo plastik, owner achio
- pt. sanitya utama, owner william
- pt. mekar plastik, owner awang, tec ronald
- pt. gracia plast, owner ricky japhar
- pt. sanitya utama, owner rukhiyat
- pt. tri kencana, owner avong
- pt. agronesia, bumn, direktur bpk. rudi
- pt. anugrah plastik, owner uung tanuwijaya
- pt. silver plastic, owner michael bounty
- cv. mandala, owner ali
- pt. plastin eka prakarsa, owner mark setiawan
- pt. april limas industry, owner aloen
- pt. panca buana abadi, owner budhianto
- pt. atari plast, owner hadi cahyadi
- pt. sally print cipacing, owner suryani
- pt. maruta kencana, bernath.
- pt. buana jaya sentosa plastik, marchel.
- pt. pindad bumn, kiara condong, agus budiman
- pt. nama sindo, yatno widodo
- pt. sama jaya, syarifuddin
- pt. agung sanjaya, hendra soefian
- pt. mji plast & mega bintang, peter augustine
- pt. sinar sahabat, daniel
- pt. caraka, owner susanto harliman
- pt. central plast, owner irawan
- pt. dunia plast, aang citra
- pt. pendawa plast, ayun
- pt. setia plast, awih
and much more our costumer.other special polymer additive :
- butyl stearate
- ethylene bis stearate
- glycerol mono stearate
- nucleating agent
- pe and pp wax (bead and powder)
- dyes blue fj 705, dyes purple fj-404, dyes red fj-206.
- kluger lub, kluger resin, kluger sil, kluger wax.
- master recycle, masterclear and mastervin (uv stabilizer).
- yoshinox and fujichem japan.
- faci italy, schlaue fuch, wecker and multiversum germany.
- microtalk (filler) norwegia, m-300 anti ozon usa.
- dbp plasticizer korea, lid plasticizer united states america.
- plastic parfum, remf-56, taft resin, zyncrorub, titanium dioxide.
- coolen, cutting oil and rust preventive from croda england.
- technical service polymer, elastomer, plastic and rubber, solve your our sales marketing : 022-70521721, 081328854445.
we solve your problem.looking our other site : from :
¡ã ciba
¡ã polibutanos pib
¡ã clariant
¡ã croda england
¡ã faci italy
¡ã wecker, schaule fuch and multiversum, germany
¡ã yoshinox and fujichem japan
¡ã hdk-n 20 from norwegia
¡ã usa for anti ozon and lid - plasticizer
¡ã aekyong plant - korea
¡ã gredmann group
¡ã avro enterprise - holland# we are solutions - innovative - thourgh - partnership and solve your problem.....

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Country/Territory: China
Business Type: B
Main Markets: B

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