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Incorporated in 1948, laxmi soap factory is a renowned company engaged in the manufacture and export of laundry detergent, synthetic detergent powder, cakes, dish washing bars, laundry soaps, bathing bars and various other products, based in (india), the company has been consistently delivering quality products for more than five decades now. It has been catering to an ever growing demands of elite companies from all across the globe.
About us
Laxmi soap factory was established in the year 1959. But for the ranglani family, the roots of soap manufacturing are traceable to the year 1921. Sheth thakurdas ranglani was based in karachi when he initially started a soap-manufacturing unit. After partition, thakurdas migrated to india and started a manufacturing unit in the year 1948. Having worked hard, sheth thakurdas looked around and fixed his site in pune and as a result laxmi soap factory was setup in the year 1959. Sheth thakurdas passed away in 1981 but the company still continues to flourish. To establish themselves in the competitive local market, it was necessary to introduce a product which would speak for its own quality. A number of experiments were conducted by shri ramchand thakurdas ranglani and the fruitful outcome was "foaran". This brand was introduced to the consumers in 1973. This partnership firm under the guidance of satish ranglani, girish ranglani and mrs. S. Ranglani, wife of shri ramchand t. Ranglani have managed to conquer a segment of the market in maharashtra, gujarat and karnataka and exports to malaysia, dubai, somalia, angola, tunisia, abidjan, burkina faso, panama, ecuador (latin america), loma, congo. Laxmi soap factory operates on the principle of appointing stockists agents in all towns and cities. The policy is to aim at smaller profit and larger turnover. Retail outlets and door to door selling methods are not used. Though sales staff is employed to supervise, book orders and conduct promotion campaigns. The company manufactures laundry detergent, detergent cake, detergent powder/dish scouring bar and also have their own sulfonation plant. The company intends to go in for the manufacture of toilet soaps. As satish ranglani puts it, "ambitious plans are on the anvil inspite of stiff competition from all types of manufacturers, big and small. "
We are one of the leading small scale industry unit in maharashtra, manuacturing & exporting synthetic detergent powder, cake, laundry detergent, laundry/washing soaps, dish washing bar and bathing bar, under our brand name foaran/fresha/clean look/look e'mage/n'zyme etc.

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Business Type: Manufacturer
Product/Services: Detergent powder, cake, dish wash bar, laundry, washing soap, toilet soap
Number of Employees: 51 - 100 People
Main Markets: North America
Total Annual Sales Volume: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Year Established: 1957

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