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at ayurvastram, we believe in providing quality products and great service to our customers. our motto is to provide products that are not only of good quality, but also promote healthy lifestyles. we strive to deal in environmentally healthy products, produced in environmentally friendly manner, and promoting well being of all those involved in the supply chain. a lot of our sources are small scale and cottage industries, that have zero net energy impact on the environment.
our product range includes:
ladies' tops
leather accessories like belts
leather purses
throws + cushion covers
bedcovers and bedsheet sets
the embroidered silks and cool cottons in variety of designs and colors are breathtaking. the embroidery called"chikan" is 100% hand embroidery done by artisans from in and around the city of lucknow in india. chikan works to the advantage of sheerness of the fabric, the beauty of which lies in the shadow of the embroidery on the top side of the fabric, when the bulk of the embroidery lies at the back of the fabric. while some people balk at the disorganized state of cottage industries, we love the idea of individuality that it provides. these products are not supposed to be thousands of clones available in every shopping mall.
the stoles and mufflers available with us are of great quality and softness. most of them are again produced in cottage industries and are simply beautiful.
we can provide a wide range of design and material in jewellery, including necklaces, rings, ear rings, bangles, bracelets, etc.
our handbags and belts are genuine leather and very good quality at very reasonable prices.
please visit us at following addresses to view our products:
http: / / picasaweb. google. com / shailja286 / ayurvastram
http: / / picasaweb. google. com / shailja286 / ayurvastramjewellery
http: / / picasaweb. google. com / shailja286 / accessories

Company Info

Business Type: Other
Product/Services: Garments, Jewellery, Leather Accessories
Number of Employees: Less than 5 People
Main Markets: North America

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